7 Tips to Check Your Vehicle is Ready for the School Trip

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Over the past few months, most vehicles are unlikely to have covered many miles or may not have even left their driveaway. As schools have now reopened, those same vehicles are now expected to be used more often and we want to help you ensure your vehicle is prepared for the journey.

Below are 7 key tips to ensuring your vehicle is ready for any journey:

1. Conduct a visual inspection

Conduct a visual inspection to ensure your vehicle has not received any dents or damage, especially if it has been parked away from home or on the road. A check underneath the vehicle, such as the wheel arches or beneath the bonnet, should also be done to make certain that no animals have nested there throughout the winter.

2. Check the fluids

The oil, windscreen washer and brake fluid are essential and should all be checked before returning to the road, just in case these are low and need to be topped up. These can all be topped up easily from home.

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3. Check the engine

It is likely that some charge from the battery could have drained if your vehicle has not been used much in the past few months. Therefore, a key tip is to keep your engine running for up to 20 minutes before setting off as this allows for the battery to regain charge.

4. Check the brakes

It is imperative that you check your brakes upon setting off as they can become corroded and less effective over time. Lack of driving or use only for shorter trips is often the cause, although being outside in rain and damp conditions also does not help.

5. Check the tyre pressure

This may seem like something that is checked even during frequent driving, but it is always best to check each tyre especially after long periods of inactivity. Most vehicles will have the required tyre pressures listed in the vehicle handbook if you are unsure on the correct pressure. Do not forget to check any spare tyres.

6. Cleaning your car

Cleaning your car is essential as germs or dust will have settled over time. These will be especially present on touching points, such as the steering wheel, control points, door handles or the screens on interior interfaces.

7. The essential safety kit

Just in case they were taken out during lockdown, double check that you have the essential safety equipment in the vehicle. Check you have a warning triangle, jack, wheel wrench, first aid kit, water and even a hi-vis vest either in the boot or the glovebox.


If you are worried or simply want peace of mind when it comes to your vehicle. Our trained technicians are always willing to help and you can book to have a professional health check, service or MOT using the form below.

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