Lexus LC Convertible honoured in 2021 UK Car of the Year Awards

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The Lexus LC 500 Convertible has been honoured at the UK Car of the Year Awards 2021 and awarded Best Open Top.

Only one of two recent wins, the Lexus LC Convertible was also awarded Best Luxury Car in the Women’s World Car of the Year Awards earlier this week.

The recent win at the 2021 UK Car of the Year Awards enters the Lexus LC Convertible into the draw for Overall Car of the Year Award, announced 9th March.

This year’s UK Car of the Year Awards judging panel, made of respected and experienced motor journalists, included Matt Robinson, who commented: “The feel-good factor of driving a car which looks astounding, sounds terrific and should be as reliable as a Swiss watch, cannot be underestimated.”

Tom Ford declared it to be “one of the best-looking convertibles – ever” and Alisdair Suttie stated: “You only need to look at the LC to know it’s ‘job done’ – it’s stunning.”

Ewan Shepherd, Director of Lexus in the UK, said: “The LC Convertible was conceived from the outset to be the most beautiful car in its class, but as this award testifies, it does much more than simply look good. It is a great car to drive and it captures the essence of Lexus luxury and the amazing experiences we want to give our customers.”


The LC Convertible, launched in the UK in 2020, combines comfort, space and style with its iconic folding top mechanism and seamless design, lending to a beautiful car with the roof up or down. Thanks to its 5.0-litre V8 engine and 10-speed Direct Shift automatic transmission, it delivers a powerful performance. With 0-62mph acceleration achievable in just five seconds, the precise, aerodynamic style prevents any discomfort from wind buffeting whilst travelling at speed. High-quality materials and a sleek design create a cabin that priorities comfort and multi-sensory appeal, reflecting Lexus’s human-centred philosophy.

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