What is an MOT test and how does it work?

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An MOT test is conducted once a year for every road vehicle. It was created by, and named after, the Ministry of Transport and is a legal requirement for all registered vehicles. Its purpose is to test a vehicle’s roadworthiness or, in other words, to make sure the vehicle is safe to drive. Every registered vehicle must pass an MOT test annually, to ensure the vehicle meets a minimum level of safety and environmental standards.

Some of the things they test in an MOT are:

  • Lights and Electrical Wiring
  • Horn
  • Tyres
  • Brakes
  • Windscreen
  • Steering and Suspension
  • Emissions
  • Seat Belts

An MOT test first occurs on the vehicle’s third birthday, and then it must get retested every year following. The tests take about one hour, if there are no issues and no extra work needs to be done.

If your vehicle passes its MOT test, you will receive a certificate that is valid for the whole year. If your vehicle fails, your vehicle will need reparations before it can be driven on the road again. These repairs or modifications can usually be made at the same time as the MOT test is conducted.

For further information about an MOT Test with Listers, visit listers.co.uk/servicing

Servicing your vehicle at Listers dealerships

You can book an MOT test at one of our dealerships. If your vehicle needs any extra repairs, modifications or is in for a full service at the same time as the MOT test, there are options available if you need to travel whilst your vehicle is at the dealership. The full range of alternative travel arrangement services differ from a lift into town, through to provision of a courtesy car, or our drop off and pick up service*.

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