The best accessories for your Summer 2021 Road Trip

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Be road trip ready

Holiday countdowns are beginning across the country for the summer staycations and road trips we are all well overdue for. Whether you’re travelling to the coast or into National Parks, it’s important to prepare your vehicle for the journey.

Many of our Listers brands offer a great selection of accessories, for great prices. So to make your life a little easier, we have compiled a small selection of the best accessories you need for your Summer road trip.

For those on the move

For those looking for an adventure or planning to travel by bike around stops on their road trips, this BMW cycle pack offers a great way to bring your bikes with you. The Cycle Pack contains two touring cycle holders and roof bars, easy to fit and a reliable and safe solution that prevents anyone having to follow by bike.

Find the BMW Cycle Pack here.

For the adventurous

Any good holiday probably involves sand or mud at some stage. To minimise the risk of bringing any of that into the car, Mercedes-Benz offers the Concertina Load Sill Protector. Simply place in your boot and the base is protected from any dirt or dust from shoes, suitcases and pets.

Find the Concertina Load Sill Protector here.

For the muddy paws

For those travelling with pets, a Pet Pack can help to keep your animal safe and comfortable, whilst keeping your car clean. MINI’s Pet Pack contains a dog guard, a dog bowl and rear luggage compartment mat.

Find the MINI Pet Pack here.

For capturing memories and keeping you safe

A Dashcam is useful at any time of the year, but especially when driving in unfamiliar areas. In case of an accident or emergency, a dashcam, like Toyota’s Dash Camera System, can add an extra level of security to your road trip by recording the road whilst your drive.

Find the Toyota Dash Camera System here.

For storage and comfort

With unpredictable British weather, it’s not unusual to have to pack for both wet and dry conditions, even in the Summer months. But all that extra luggage means even more space taken up with bag and suitcases. A roof box provides the perfect solution. Volvo’s 350 litre roof box is highly functional, with an aerodynamic and sleek design, finished in glossy black. Bags, tents, boots, and even a bucket and spade can sit safely in your roof box, giving passengers that extra bit of breathing room.

Find the Volvo Cars roof box here.

For the whole family

Listers MINI and Listers BMW also have some great offers on some lifestyle accessories, including a MINI Beach Tennis Set and a BMW M Motorsport Cool Bag.


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