The UK's Favourite Driving Soundtracks

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The UK’s Favourite Road Trip Songs

With the easing of restrictions across the UK taking place, we have created a list of the UK’s favourite driving songs for those planned road journeys and staycations.

Last year, a poll was created by Goodyear and we found that the list revealed some energetic and danceable records. The common feature amongst the majority of songs, was the danceability rating with many people preferring songs which keep them moving whilst on the road.

Pharrell Williams - Happy

Love it or hate it, whether you’re happy doing a planned road trip or simply happy to be out and heading for a staycation, the song title says it all. Popular amongst the whole family, this song is sure to grab the listener’s attention.

Tracy Chapman – Fast Car

Powerful, uplifting and written by Tracy herself, she without doubt penned a song that will stand the test of time. It’s a great tune and with the word ‘car’ in the title, was always going to be a favourite with motorists.

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Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now

When it comes to anthems, no-one does it better than Queen. Don’t Stop Me Now has previously been voted as one of the most uplifting songs in popular music, making it a classic for car journeys.

Elton John – I’m Still Standing

Do you see the common feature throughout these songs? The uplifting danceability of these songs make them great for hitting the road and it’s no different with this British pop classic.

Kings of Leon – Sex on Fire

The band’s biggest hit to date, not only is it catchy, it’s full of momentum and energy throughout. This song has appeared on many driving playlists, having a catchy chorus and being full of alt-rock soul, it’s an ultimate driving anthem.

Outkast – Hey Ya

This song grabs the attention of the listener as it’s full of fun-loving energy. It’s a hit for both adults and children, making it enjoyable for the whole family whilst out on the road.

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