Tyre Label Changes - How will it affect you?

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You may not notice the tyre labels when you change your vehicle’s tyres, however they are more important than you might think. Not only because they provide information about the tyre’s safety and impact on the environment, but they show owners at a glance, which tyres are the right tyres for them and their vehicle.

Currently, tyre labels indicate the fuel economy, noise labels, wet grip and more by way of a rating. Essentially, the higher quality the tyre rating across these aspects, the better the quality of tyre you are buying.

With changes to EU legislation coming into effect on 1 May 2021 – what the video to see what it means for vehicle owners going forward.

Choosing the right tyres for you.

Purchasing manufacture tyres from Listers means:

  • A set of manufacturer approved tyres are specifically chosen for the vehicle, fit for purpose.

  • A manufacturer approved tyre is put through over a hundred tests such as aquaplaning, breaking and more to ensure they are safer.

  • Independent tests show that manufacturer approved tyres consistently outperform budget tyres, mostly in wet braking tests.

  • Our tyre fitters provide honest and impartial advice on the condition of your tyres and will help you select the best tyre for your vehicle.

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