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Manufacturer approved tyres for your Car, Van, 4x4 & SUV

When the only thing between your vehicle and the road is the tyre you choose, you need to make sure it delivers the best results possible.

We believe a tyre should never compromise a vehicle's performance or efficiency, which is why we recommend choosing manufacturer approved tyres for your vehicle.

Manufacturer approved tyres…

Improve wet braking distance
Are rigorously tested by the manufacturer
Improve driving performance
driving safety
Are made from high quality raw materials
Are designed for your specific vehicle

Why choose manufacturer approved tyres?

Every new vehicle rolls out of the factory on a set of manufacturer approved tyres specifically chosen for the vehicle, fit for purpose.

Designed with performance and efficiency in mind, a manufacturer approved tyre is put through over a hundred tests, covering, among other things:

  • Aquaplaning
  • Braking (wet & dry)
  • Handling (wet & dry)
  • Rolling resistance
  • Noise levels

The testing and approval process can take up to 3 years and 50,000 miles, which ensures that the tyre performs to the highest of standards, delivering the best in fuel efficiency, handling and safety.

Independent tests show that manufacturer approved tyres consistently outperform budget tyres, mostly in wet braking tests. Results show that budget tyres are still travelling at almost 30mph by the time the manufacturer approved tyre stopped.

Ensure your vehicle delivers the best possible performance, safety and efficiency and choose manufacturer approved tyres for your vehicle.

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Why Choose Listers

When it comes to tyres, our main priority is your safety. Our tyre fitters provide honest and impartial advice on the condition of your tyres and will help you select the best tyre for your vehicle.

With access to over 1 million tyres, we can fit almost any brand and type of tyre you like and, if we don't have the tyre you are looking for in stock, we can usually order your tyre and have it in our dealership, ready to fit, within 24 hours.

  • Fit over 50,000 tyres every year
  • Competitive tyre prices
  • Over 30 years experience
  • Manufacturer trained specialist fitters

When should you check your tyres

The UK legal limit for tread on your vehicle’s tyres is 1.6mm. We recommend changing your tyres when your tread reaches around 3mm, as it's at this point that your vehicle's stopping distance increases by around 33%.

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