Run Flat Tyres from Listers

Run Flat Tyres are designed in such a way to remain operational in the event of a puncture or a severe loss of air pressure. Run Flat Tyres are also designed to reduce the risk of tyre blow outs.

We stock a range of Run Flat Tyres suitable for both on-road and off-road use from some of the most well-known Tyre brands.

Benefits of Run Flat Tyres

  • Safety: Even when punctured, Run Flat Tyres allow the vehicle to be driven and handled like normal.

  • Boot Space: Run Flat Tyres eliminate the need for spare wheels and tyre-changing tools like jacks.

  • Time: Run Flat Tyres are designed to allow cars to be driven even when flat. (up to 100-320 miles depending on road and driving conditions)

How do they work?

Run Flat Tyres have much thicker, reinforced sidewalls which means they can be driven on for a short time after picking up a puncture. The tyre can temporarily maintain its shape and strength even in the event of a total loss of air pressure.

Run Flat Tyres have numerous safety benefits as the tyre is still able to be driven on in the event of a puncture, allowing the driver to stay in control of the vehicle.

With Run Flat Tyres, it is advised that you should travel no more than 50 miles on a puncture, and should seek help as soon as possible.

While the sidewall of a Run Flat Tyre is reinforced, the materials used in its construction are, in most cases, the same as a conventional Tyre. Therefore, they will wear at a similar rate to conventional tyres and should be checked in the same way for condition and tread wear.

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