4x4 Tyres from Listers

4x4 (SUV) Tyres come in a number of different types and sizes and are designed for use on SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles) and other all-terrain vehicles.

SUV ownership in the UK has increased in recent years, so too has demand for tyres that have been specifically designed for vehicles intended for more challenging terrain and road surfaces.

We stock a range of 4x4 (SUV) tyres suitable for both on-road and off-road use from some of the most well-known Tyre brands.

Benefits of 4x4 Tyres

  • Superior traction: Designed for off-road use, 4x4 tyres are excellent on difficult terrain like soft ground and steep inclines where conventional tyres aren’t up to the task.

  • Superior Grip: Demonstrate better grip in adverse weather conditions like snow and ice than conventional tyres.

  • Hold increased loads: 4x4 tyres can safely handle heavy loads with ease - ideal for transporting bulky goods or large families.

  • Specially designed for 4x4 (SUV) vehicles: 4x4 (SUV) vehicles have two differentials which means that power from the engine is distributed to all four wheels. As all four wheels are sharing the job of providing propulsion, it is important to fit tyres designed for specific 4x4 (SUV) use as 2-wheel drive tyres may suffer from grip issues and rapid wear.

How do they work?

4x4 (SUV) tyres have a tread pattern that is more widely spaced than conventional tyres and feature a larger tread block and deeper tyre grooves.

This allows the tyres to get a better purchase on tough terrain like mud, grass and snow without the tread area becoming clogged. Even if the tread does fill up, the increased surface area in contact with the ground will usually provide enough friction to keep the vehicle moving.

Conventional tyres perform poorly on surfaces like boggy ground because the tread fills with mud and grass quickly and the wheel begins to spin, digging the Tyre into a deeper and deeper hole.

Which 4x4 (SUV) Tyres should I use?

The type of 4x4 (SUV) Tyres you choose depends a great deal on its intended usage.

If the vehicle is to be used almost solely for road and motorway use then a 4x4 (SUV) on-road tyre will provide the greatest benefits. These tyres look very much like conventional car tyres but have a tread pattern ideal for occasional off-road use.

On the other end of the scale, off-road tyres will provide the best grip and handling on the most extreme terrains but are not intended for road usage. As a result, when used on regular tarmac roads, these tyres are loud, wear much faster than normal tyres, and increase fuel consumption due to increase rolling resistance.

All terrain tyres offer a balance between these extremes with a tread pattern more suited to regular off-road usage but designed to be used on roads without excessive wear and fuel consumption.

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