Cold Weather Tyres from Listers

Ensure you're driving safe in the colder months.

Many people assume that tyres perform in all weathers - but as the temperature falls, so does your tyres performance and wear increases significantly.

Cold Weather Tyres are optimized to perform at temperatures of 7°C and below, and in using the correct tyres for the weather will prolong your tyres life, prove more cost effective, and increase safety.

Benefits of Cold Weather Tyres

  • Improved stopping distances: In comparison to Summer Tyres, Cold weather Tyres reduce braking distance significantly on snow and ice.

  • Added safety and improved performance: As Cold Weather Tyres contain more natural rubber and an increased groove ratio, Cold Weather Tyres maintain excellent grip in snow, ice and wet conditions.

  • Reduced risk of aquaplaning: Aquaplaning or hydroplaning is when your vehicle loses traction with the road in wet conditions. It occurs when the water between your tyres and the road cannot be removed quickly enough. Cold Weather Tyres contain a specific tread pattern designed to disperse a greater amount of water, reducing the risk of aquaplaning.

How do they work?

A Cold Weather Tyre contains more natural rubber so it does not harden when it’s cold. This ensures that the tyre stays flexible in low winter temperatures (below 7°C) which help reduce the stopping distance and maintain excellent grip on snow and ice as well as on wet roads in cold conditions.

The design of the tread on a Cold Weather Tyre allows the tread to bite into the snow and ice to give interlocking grip, which is critical in the centre of the tread where the tyre carries the highest load. In addition, a Cold Weather Tyre has an increased groove ratio and up to 10 times the number of sipes than a normal Summer Tyre.

European law

If you are planning to take your vehicle abroad this winter, it is important to note that throughout many parts of Europe it is sometimes a legal requirement for drivers to fit Cold Weather Tyres during the winter months.

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