this new one is so much easier to drive

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Picked up my new Yaris last week and I have to say I am very pleased with the car. I thought I will never say this but this new one is so much easier to drive - the clutch is excellent and the best I have had so far (and this is my 4th Yaris). Every time I am due for a change, I always have a look round the other dealers because I fancy a change from a Toyota but every time I get drawn back to buying another Yaris! Edward was excellent and he dealt with the sale from start to finish very well and I did not felt I was pressured into buying another one. He was very knowledgeable and made sure I was all set up in my car before I drove away. I always had excellent service from the Service Team as well and I have been a customer since 2004. They have been willing to do any simple jobs for me whether it has been tyre pressure checks, light bulb changes, oil checks etc. - I just take it in and leave it to them. Keep up the good work Lincoln Team!

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