Thank you BMW, Listers and Mark for your fantastic service.

Read how BMW Assist came to the rescue.

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This Testimonial is to draw attention to the reasons why you need to consider a BMW.

Its 8:30am Tuesday morning and I’m heading to Swaffham on the back roads via Grimston. Out of nowhere I am confronted with a tree approx. 200 feet in length laying quite proudly across Lynn Road just outside Congham Hall – it had literally just fallen, missing me by no more than a few seconds, unfortunately not missing a pale blue Citroen.

So what has this to do with BMW assist?

BMW Assist is an automotive roadside assistance service, it operates over the mobile phone network and Global Positioning Satellites via an integrated phone SIM to locate or guide the vehicle. You can either use it to call BMW when assistance is required or in the unfortunate situation when your car has been involved in an accident, they will automatically call you.

In this case it was my turn, for years I had wondered when or if I’d ever press the ‘Panic Button’ knowing in the back of my mind that when I did someone would probably be in an unfortunate situation – lucky this wasn’t the case on Tuesday.

Within a few seconds I was connected to the telematics HQ for BMW, my GPS co-ordinates were presented on the screen, including my direction of travel – and a calming German male voice came over the speakers:
Are you injured?
Is anyone else injured?

I reported what had happened and with expected German efficiency was informed that both the Police and Fire Brigade would be notified.

Another few minutes passed and I received a call from the Norfolk Police – confirming that I had made the call and confirming the exact location and details of the incident.

Fantastic I thought! – The technology had worked perfectly, but then I started to think.

One day this technology could save my life – Had I have been upside down in a ditch on those back roads or even that tree on top of my roof, the BMW Assist system would have called me and sent the necessary emergency services to my exact location.

Thank you BMW, Listers and, of course, Mark for all your fantastic technology and service. Just one of the many reasons why I will and you should consider a BMW during your next purchase.