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Mr Leslie Turner 28th July 2012

I was very grateful for the phone advice you offered me when I called on Friday about the continuing failure of the remotes of both my Prius and my wife’s Peugeot within our detached garage.

I thought (and Darren) you would be interested to know what happened after that, especially the resolution of the problem, in terms of offering advice to any other customer in the (unlikely) event that they have a similar problem.

As advised by you, I first isolated the mechanism of our remote-controlled garage door – no change. I then disconnected all power to the garage – no change. I then visited my neighbour to see if he had recently installed any wirelessly-controlled devices near to my property – he had not. So I remained stumped.

By sheer chance I then remembered that the battery-powered remote weather station which I installed five years ago on the outside wall of my garage, which transmits data to its base station within the house, had failed a few days ago. With little hope, I disconnected the batteries on the station – and both cars’ remotes suddenly worked again!! Clearly that had been the problem.

I want to express my gratitude to you and Darren for the excellent service and advice which you gave me on my two visits to Listers Coventry; I hope you don’t feel that I wasted your time in the course of this saga.

I should be very grateful if you would share this email with Darren Webb. I’d also be pleased if you would forward a copy to whoever, in the customer feedback area, you feel should know about my continuing high satisfaction with the service given at Listers. As for you two personally, you’re up there with Danny Boyle in my eyes.

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