On arrival, I was met by a very polite gentleman

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Terry Horrocks 13th july 2012

I have just had my Toyota Prius serviced, and I feel I should give you some feedback.

On arrival, I was met by a very polite gentleman who kindly handed me an umbrella and escorted me into the service area. Where he past me to a very professional young lady, who offered me a seat and provided me with a coffee.

Another young man explained the cost of the first service, also if I had any other issues with the car he could look at. As I was waiting, he explained how I could use your free wi-fi, which enabled me to continue with my work.

Also the nice young lady, kindly watched over my laptop, when I went to the gents.

I would like to thank you and your staff for exceptionally good customer service, and look forward to seeing you all again in Nov / Dec, when my 20,000 service should be due.

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