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T. Ford. Listers Volkswagen Evesham, 5th September 2012

Dear Jill

I am writing to tell you of my customer experience with Listers Volkswagen, Evesham.

I took my old car in for service in May 2012 and had no intention of purchasing a new car. When I was approached by Dan Jacks he talked me through what we could get for a brand new car and I told him exactly what I would like if we bought one… sat nav, leather, sporty all being top of the list for low monthly payments! He was so helpful, kind, funny and not in the slightest way a ‘pushy salesman’ at all.

I sat with Dan for about 2 hours and he patiently listened to my phone calls with my husband and then asking for more features, for less money!! He was backwards and forwards to his manager, Matt, who was probably tearing his hair out by the end of the first hour! Dan continued to be more than helpful and when I really couldn’t decide what colour I wanted and then what interior, he gave me his honest opinion.. I chose opposite and he said he wasn’t too sure of my choice (neither was my husband - they both thought I’d made a mistake!!) but on arrival of my new car, Dan rang me and said how lovely it was and how I’d made the correct and best decision….

On the day we picked up my new car which was the day of the new registration Dan calmly showed me through all the features and offered to show me how everything worked - pairing up my phone with the car and making sure I was happy with everything.

My husband and I both said what a fresh change it was to be dealt with such a lovely person. On another note as well, my husband was looking for a new company car and had been dealing with Listers in Worcester. On leaving Dan rang the Worcester branch and made sure that they gave him a call which of course he didn’t really have to do!

With kind regards

T. Ford

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