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I am compelled to write to you about customer Service.

For some months I had been looking at acquiring a new or used car, suitable for work and home, and late in the process came across Listers. A name I know from many years ago, having worked for Kalamazoo Motor Trade Division, being based in Northfield for 12 of my 19 years with the Comapny, leaving in 1999 as Sales Director. From memory Kalamazoo lost some staff to Listers.

It seems strange to say that it is somehow delightful to see how Listers group has grown. Congratulations. From my recent experience I feel compelled to say that your staff are a key contributor of the Group’s success. Two in particular did a tremendous job.

The pleasure of buying an Audi A6 Avant from Coventry Audi in August was preceded by a tremendous amount of capability and perserverance by Richard Shiner and then closed professionally and smoothly by Allan Mustapha at Coventry. I have met many poor sales people, but not met better than Richard (very impressed) and Allan. Prior to this an Audi dealership in Bath had my interest but they did not have the drive to complete matters.

If your other staff are somewhere similar to Richard and Allan then you do not need my best wishes for the future of your business.

Kindest Regards,

Trevor Loker Business Integration Director Kerridge Commercial Systems

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