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Ms Lizzie Lynch 26th November 2012

I would like to express my thanks to you and your team at Avonvale Honda Northampton for the excellent customer service provided to me.

From the moment i walked into your dealership I was greeted with kindness and helpfulness from all your employees. As this is my first time buying a car from a dealership. I naturally found it an extremely daunting task and had little to no idea as to what i was meant to do, what I needed to bring, or what information was required of me. I feel that I must give special thanks to the following employees, as they went out of their way to make my time at Honda a pleasant one.

Ted Grey: gave me all the information needed in relation to the car and finance, and information about who I should speak to if I got into any difficulty. He did a fantastic job of making me feel extremely comfortable during the whole process, and was friendly and professional throughout.

Barry Sharp: Sat down with me and went through all aspects of car finance, and what I needed to do and not do. I found him extremely polite and friendly, and I found it enormously helpful of him to set out, line by line, the structure of my finance. He took my financial status into consideration, and tailored my car finance to suit me perfectly. Thanks to him, the process seemed a great deal less overwhelming.

As a team, i cannot fault their service in anyway, shape or form. I would hope that their abilities to deal with customers in difficult situations recognised, and that they receive some form of praise or commendation for their excellent customer service.

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