What a pleasure it has been doing business with you!

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Just a short note to confirm what a pleasure it has been doing business with you, in the purchase of a car for my wife.

I have been receiving a frequent, gentle reminder that she has had to forgo her own car in order to provide a suitable vehicle for our dogs and as I am sure you are aware, such matters can only be put on hold for so long!

When you began promoting deals at Listers ‘so hot they’ll give me blisters’, my ears naturally picked up and I have been delighted that your words have proved entirely true. The process of selecting a car and organising the finance has been easy and straight forward and I can honestly reply:
Mark told me to come to Listers,
Where deals are so hot they’ll give me blisters
And now my wife thinks I’m the best,
As she drives about in her Cooper S.

Mr O, November 2012