The Epitome of a Car Sales Executive!

I will only deal with Nigel McFahn!

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I should like to draw your attention to the way in which business is conducted at your dealership. Over the last four years I have changed my car more than ten times, each time it is a new Mercedes & each time it is on a Mercedes-Benz Agility Agreement. Each time I go to the Grimsby dealership & each time I deal with the same sales executive, NIGEL MCFAHN. The purpose of this letter is to commend to you Mr McFahn’s performance. He is unfailingly patient, polite but humerous & friendly & professional. In my opinion he is the epitome of what a car sales executive should be & the very antithesis of the ”Arthur Daley” type of salesmanship. I don’t know how much you pay Nigel but I would suggest he’s worth a whole lot more! Joking apart, he really should be recognised for doing a remarkable job. Yours faithfully Mr B