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Andy, 04 October 2013

Good morning,

I would like to make you aware of the excellent care and attention I recently received from two members of staff at Coventry Listers; Dean from sales, and Steve from servicing.

Steve welcomed me when my car was due for its annual service and very carefully took me through the process and understanding my issues went out of his way to ensure my car was serviced as quickly as possible. When the car was ready Steve made sure that he phoned me to let me know. When I returned everything was done and the car was ready for me to leave with no fuss at all. I was very appreciative of the care Steve showed, and although this might be the standard you would expect, I can honestly say Steve made me feel like he was caring for me personally.

I mentioned to Steve that I wanted to speak with Dean from sales (who was temporarily out with another customer) and so Steve arranged for me to make me a cup of tea from the staff facilities rather than the customer machine. Again, another kind action.

When Dean became available, he sat with me and took time to understand the nature of my enquiry in the informal setting of the customer area. He then went away and tried his utmost to achieve my requirement. Unfortunately he was not able to exactly achieve what I was hoping for due to my exacting requirements but he did his utmost to get very close. Dean then went through some alternatives for me to consider and I am pleased to confirm that I will be taking one of those options.

Hopefully these comments are helpful to you, and should you wish to pass them on to Dean and Steve I would be very happy for you to do that.


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