Mr O

        144 School Road

Dagenham Essex RM10 9QL

Dear Sir/Madam

Re; Purchase of Mercedes Benz E350 CDI Sport – DE10 AHO

I am writing to comment on my experience of events leading up to, and the eventual purchase of the vehicle referred to above.

Over the last few Months I carried out research into a wide range of Mercedes Benz models, and decided to settle for the E350 CDI Sport. During my search I stumbled upon one example offered for sale by Mercedes Benz of Hull. I made contact with the dealership and was put through to Jeremy Dodd who briefed me on the vehicle’s features, its history, work done, etc, He also sent me a video demonstration that enabled me to view the vehicle’s interior and exterior up close. I must say this turned out to be a fabulous idea as it sealed the deal for me.

For the next couple of days we continued our communication by email, telephone and mobile, and eventually confirmed a date for my travel from London to Hull. Jeremy was waiting for me at Hull Station as promised and drove me to the dealership site.

On reaching the site, the car was already valeted and parked inside the showroom gleaming like it just rolled out of the factory. Even though I came to buy a used vehicle, I was treated like a customer arranging to purchase a brand new car. Being a fan of the AMG brand, like a little boy I was fascinated to be seated in a showroom full of AMG vehicles. Jeremy noticed my excitement and offered to take me for a drive in a C63 parked outside as it needed refuelling anyway. It was a short drive to the petrol station and back, but just being able to sit in one as a passenger made my day.

After taking pictures (which were sent to my email straightaway), the keys and paperwork of the E350 were handed over and I made my way to London. Jeremy contacted me to ensure that all was fine, and indeed it was that final gesture which capped off a great sales experience at Mercedes Benz Hull.

I am grateful to Jeremy Dodd and all the staff at the site who made the experience a smooth and exciting one for me, and I had to write this letter in order to give credit where it is due.

Kind regards

Mr O