Well all I can say is “EPIC”!

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Well all I can say is “EPIC”!

The car is incredible. My old 335d seems like something from another time.

I have had in terms of “best to drive” the following over the years

M3 Convertible, Alpina B10, 335DM Sport (yes the last one)

550 Maranello (joint best till now), 355 Spider

944 Turbo SE (was the joint best till now) 993 Turbo, 996 Turbo, 997 Turbo

Lancer Evo 5 – Heavily Modded 470 BHP (roll cage), Delta Integrale, Lotus Carlton

There are RS6’s (modified), CL63, SL63 and others but they were not great to drive but nice to sit in and quick.

This BMW 335d X Drive is quite astonishing and I have not even put it into sport yet! So it is certainly smiles per hour :o)

Thanks for everything and a pleasure to meet you, Sean and the team.

Have a great Christmas and New Year.

Mr A

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