Hi Jon/Anthony, not sure who I should address to as both names are on the bottom of the email. More than happy to provide you with some feedback from my visit on the 11th Jan.

This was my first visit to your branch & I was impressed with the overall appearance. The staff were excellent ref the greeting as we arrived, and we found the Sales Exec - Katie Richards excellent, she was very attentive, understood our requirements, took us for a test drive at short notice. The one thing I do not like & turns we off from a Sales Exec & company is their pushiness, Katie was not like & I was very impressed with her. The only thing that I wasn’t impressed with was your valuation for my X5 which was by far the lowest valuation we had had it was over £1K below the next lowest, whilst I appreciate that everything is negotiable this was a bit of a shock.

Unfortunately we didn’t have the luxury of time so I arranged a follow up meeting on the 17th, but during that time I made the decision to keep my X5 for another 6 months. When I am in a position to change I will definitely visit Listers again.

If you would like anything further, please let me know.

Robert Taylor