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Dear Chris,

I wanted to drop you a line following the major service you carried out on my E Class estate and complement you and your team.

As a customer of Mercedes Benz – Hull over the last 5 years, I have not only been happy with the quality and reliability of my Mercedes cars but also very happy with the customer service I have experienced. However the experience I enjoyed today can only be described as stunning!

When I was called by your team, not only to confirm the car is on its way back and will be delivered on time but also to be told that you have replaced my wiper blades due to a little smearing, the wheel nuts as they had started to show signs of corrosion and resolved the slight noise from the wing mirrors as they closed. This attention to detail was very much unexpected and a very pleasant surprise.

I had noticed these small issues myself but for a car which is now 21 months old and covered above average mileage. I felt these were only reflective of the hard miles the car has covered and was to be expected as normal wear and tear, even given the quality of Mercedes Benz. Therefore it did not even enter my mind to raise any of these points of concern when the car was collected.

When without prompting, you have identified these items and fixed them under warranty, you and your team completely surpassed my already high expectations and achieved a level of performance which can only be admired and applauded. Following today I feel the outstanding levels of service you are achieving has added greatly to my experience as a Mercedes Benz customer and truly represent world class levels of customer service.

Therefore I wanted to take a little time in writing to you to confirm that not only am I delighted with the service you provide but wanted to pass on my thoughts, thanks and congratulations to you all.

Yours sincerely, Mr M.

Mercedes-Benz of Hull

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