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Karen N. Listers Volkswagen Evesham, 14 March 2014

Hi David & team

Sincere apologies for my belated thanks and acknowledgement of your email below; work/birthday/driving new car!

It’s been a while since we’ve bought a small, run around car however, we are so far thrilled with the Up! It may be a small car in stature, but it drives well and seems very comfortable too + the Maps&More gadgetry is great too. :-)

After a couple of unfortunate test drive experiences last year (once with no fuel and once with a representative that we didn’t feel comfortable with), I decided on the spur of the moment one Sunday, just a month ago that just maybe it would be third time lucky. I arranged a test drive there and then, did our sums and placed our business a few days later. I primarily dealt with Joe Rogers, supported by Matt. Joe quickly picked up on the fact that I work long hours at the moment and that email is my preferred method of communication for expediency and having a written note of things and with a couple of phone calls in between, the purchase experience has been a happy one, plain sailing in fact. At Listers, Evesham, surroundings can’t be said to be particularly pleasant right now, but the customer service and great coffee has more than made up for that (oh yes and Charlotte has enjoyed the hot chocolate too).

Despite being my birthday, yesterday was a pretty busy day with a very early start followed by a long business meeting and so by the time we arrived at Listers, it was actually like a breath of fresh air that you and the guys made the handover a bit of fun – thank you for that. We enjoyed a meal with friends in Stratford upon Avon last evening – had to take the up! for its first outing of course and if the gadgetry is accurate, the fuel consumption was most impressive – part of the reason for our car choice as I do lots of short trips.

Thanks again, to Joe, Matt, Scott and of course colleagues who would have prepared the car for collection yesterday – and for the photos, thank you David.

The flowers look splendid and I suspect that the chocolates will be shared and much enjoyed this weekend. I look forward to returning to Listers to take a peep at your shiny new showroom when it opens.

Kind regards,


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