Dear Richard/Steve,

I recently purchased an E class AMG sport cabriolet from yourselves which I must say is exceptional, I never thought I would be lucky enough to drive something as beautiful let alone own it. I live in Essex, but found myself working local to Hull last year. I was originally looking to purchase a BMW, but on passing another Mercedes dealership I noticed the deals that were to be had on the new E class, so decided to search out the local dealership to where I was working. On arrival I was looking at the second hand models that were parked outside, it was at this point that I first met your sales representative Lyndsay she made the effort from the outset to come outside to greet me, make me feel welcome and answer any questions that I may have, at no point was she ever forceful or pushy in order to make a sale. I left on this occasion undecided if I wanted to purchase a used E class or a new one but one thing was for sure …… I wanted an E class, this was down to Lyndsay. I returned to your showroom approximately three weeks later, and again was greeted by Lyndsay as if I were your most important lifelong customer, on this occasion she arranged for me to take out convertible and coupe models as I wanted to see if there was any difference as I was uncertain of which way to go, as previously she applied no pressure yet made me fall further for the brand. As I have mentioned I live in Essex, so logic dictated that I purchase my new car, be it used or new from a local dealership. I visited a showroom in West Thurrock, it was a Sunday and the clearest memory of this visit was of the salesman, if you can call him that. On walking through the door, I remember seeing him slouched in his chair with a cheap jacket on and no tie, he looked myself & my family up and down, then I guess decided that we were not worth the effort so just continued to slouch in his chair, chewing on a pen. After about ten minutes of looking around the showroom, paying particular attention to the convertible E class, not once did he get up, therefore forcing me to approach him for information. I asked him if he could work out some prices for me to be told unless I was serious about buying a car that day it’s not something he was prepared to do. I also mentioned about optional extras, in particular the LED reactive headlight package as they really set the look of the car off to be told “I wouldn’t bother mate you can’t see them when you’re inside,” It was at this point I got up and left, thinking even if I was going to buy a car that day I was definitely not going to give him the sale. I visited another local dealership in Chelmsford, who made the initial effort but at the time were too busy juggling the current stock, to pay attention to customers itching to part with £40,000. What made me give up locally was the fact that after leaving the Chelmsford dealership with a couple of technical questions I never heard from them again. I visited Lyndsay in October last year, just before my contract finished in Hull, to place the order for my new E class cabriolet, my I take this opportunity to thank you and your staff, in particular Lyndsay for the warm welcome I always receive when visiting your showroom, for the service that you provide and technical knowledge that so many of your staff hold. Lyndsay, prior to and after placing the order has always been a pleasure to deal with, nothing has ever been too much trouble, if she has not known the answer to a particular question she has always without fail managed to track down someone who can. she is an asset to your business and as such I cannot praise her more highly for the professionalism and dedication she has shown throughout the course of purchasing my car. The Essex dealerships should take a leaf out of your book in how to secure a satisfied customer, I would have no qualms in recommending Mercedes of Hull to anyone I know regardless of there location, if they were interested in purchasing a new Mercedes.

The only downside to this very happy tale is, that unfortunately you will not be getting the business for the servicing of my car unless that is …….. you open a more local branch.

Thank you once again, both myself and my family love my new car even if it did scare the living daylights out of my 2½ year old son when I collapsed the roof above him, he didn’t have a clue what was going on.

I trust you will be giving Lyndsay all the care and support she needs over the course of her maternity leave, as to lose her, would leave an exceptionally large hole in your sales team (no pun intended re. her tummy)

Keep up the fantastic work.

Kind Regards