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Mr Crossley- 31st March 2014

My current company car which is supplied through Inchcape is due for renewal. The new Hybrid models are tempting to the company car drivers such as me, so I decided to take a look. Because I have a large choice of cars to choose from, I had visited about half a dozen other dealers to look at the various makes and models on the market. When the sales men found out it was for a company car they tended to leave me alone and didn’t offer much help. The exception to this was Lincoln Lexus. Your staff couldn’t do enough, spending time to explain the car and offering a test drive (None of the other garages offered this). My wife and I turned up at the arranged time and the car was waiting for us. Your staff explained everything about the car before we took to the road. On the back of this, I have now ordered my new IS 300H which I should get around August.

I would like to thank your team for their professionalism, I look forward to meeting them again when the services are due.

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