My Husband and I , recently purchased a Vehicle from your Garage…..unfortunately , it was a DREAM come true for us….but after returning Home with it…it proved to be un-suitable for our present Lifestyle ( too high )….so we have returned it for re-Sale…. and Purchased another ( very nice ) Vehicle from Yourselves.

Having our own business and being in Sales and Marketing …..we wanted to say, how Absolutely Impressed we have been, with every Aspect of your operation at Listers of Droitwhich.

From the moment a potential Customer, walks through your door, they are “ Looked after “, your Reception Staff keep a watchful eye, and are always there to Welcome and look after people, the Coffee Station is GREAT …. when purchasing a new Vehicle, it takes “Time “….and nice Coffee has regularly been offered and has been, very welcome….even though it is an obviously “busy “ place, nothing is too much trouble , for any of your ( quite young ) Staff.

We are Impressed.

We would also like to say a particular Thanks, to David Green…. and….. Kirsty Morgan,….. the two Sales Executives who worked with us, to find us the best Car….both of these two young people, in our Opinion, are quite exceptional…..they are both, well presented, Knowledgeable, Helpful, ( patient ) and Extremely Professional, in a very Impressive way….they will go far, I am sure… can be VERY Proud of them both.

Many years ago I worked in Sales for Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, they always used to say, it is much better to NOT try to “sell “….but to Create the atmosphere for people to want to buy….and your Team certainly all did this….coming to Listers was a very memorable experience for us….and the subsequent sorting out of our what could have been a nightmare…but wasn’t…because your guys handled us with care and compassion and helped us to get “Sorted “…..we shall be Delighted to Recommend Listers of Droitwhich whenever and wherever possible.

Many thanks , you have a GREAT Team there.