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Mr and Mrs Bembridge - 15th July 2014

Firstly, thank you for the opportunity to respond with feedback. Secondly, we thank you for your VIP invitation to your closed showroom event.

Being Motability clients we have used this last few weeks to review the market for a vehicle that will see us through the next three years. We usually make a list of our essentials, surf the net, draw up a short list and then visit showrooms to get up-to-date input and specification details.

From these we chose about three motors and book test drives. Having already honed down our list we visited ‘Listers’ to ask about at the Toyota Verso; we have never owned a Toyota before and did not know what to expect regarding choice, quality, etc.

We have to report that we found the assistance offered absolutely first class and our confidence boosted by the fact that our selection was indeed the right car for our requirements. Not only did Andy Rawlings give us huge confidence in the fact that ‘Listers’ was a company that would value our business but one that will look after us once we collected our new car. We put great store by feeling confident in the personnel and company as well as the reliability of the product.

We were extremely pleased that, not only did you have the exact make and model that we were interested in in your showrooms but that you also were able to provide us with a test drive in car we required.

After very little consideration we booked a test drive; arrived to find the car and Andy ready and waiting for us; enjoyed a pleasant drive; and then we were left with refreshments to consider our thoughts in the pleasant private surroundings of one of your cubicles.

When we were ready we had a number of questions which Andy was able to answer and/or check there and then and we had pleasure in placing our order without needing further consideration time. We were able to leave our car in your car park whilst we did some shopping and the paperwork was completed and printed.

On return we provided the required evidence, signed the necessary documentation and left extremely pleased with every aspect of the transaction. We returned home and duly cancelled all our other planned test drives.

We would like to take this opportunity of thanking Andy for his expert guidance and ‘Listers’ for their professionalism. We truly hope that we will receive the same level of customer service in the future.

We look forward to a long and warm future relationship.

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