Craig Adams is a credit to Land Rover Droitwich

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I was diagnosed with terminal cancer two weeks ago and decided that as you can’t take it with you, I would treat myself to a Range Rover Sport.

I have had 5 Range Rovers in the past but post divorce, I suppose economics dictate that you drive something a little less thirsty and maybe less pretentious.

I scoured the Internet and decided that I would stay clear of private sales, eBay and un franchised dealerships to hopefully avoid a costly after sales bill for something I had been unable to pick up on a test drive and girly under bonnet inspection.

Having found a Sport that I liked the look of, low mileage and the right colour, (it had to have ivory leather) my son Jamie, his friend George and I, made our way over to Droitwich.

I expected to find it outside on the forecourt but no, it wasn’t there. A row ensued as I was ticked off for not phoning first to check it was still available. We then entered the show room and there it was, my dream car, in pride of place, just waiting for me.

I am a salesman’s dream, I’m not good at bargaining or tyre kicking, if I get that gut feeling, I’ll buy.

I had a cursory look around, noted it was in very good condition for an ‘09 and had been loved perhaps. Decent tyres and the same tyres all round, very few marks, the inside was excellent and it was beautiful.

I’d bought it there and then.

The girls on reception were friendly and welcoming (and eye candy for a 16 and 17 year old pair of young men) They asked me to take a seat and very quickly, one of the sales team came over with a big smiling face and introduced himself as Craig (Adams)

I was brought up in the motor trade. My Dad left school, trained as a mechanic, had his first job working with MG, test driving on the track and eventually started his own business with a garage in Malvern. He had a thriving successful business with mechanics, workshop, paint shop, show room and forecourt. I grew up car mad, loving the smell of the paint shop and able to drive as soon as my feet could reach the pedals.

I love cars and I love driving.

I digress but all that is to put you in the picture, that I may be female and a salesman’s dream but I do know a little about cars and I am very aware from past experience how car salesmen ‘can’ be. My Dad was one of them and having had many many cars myself, from Escort RS Turbo to Golf VR6, Audi Quattro to Range Rover, sales, after sales through to a simple service, I’ve met some chauvinistic and some not so bad car people. The car trade has had a lot to learn about customer service and respect for women (untypical) drivers.

Land Rover may not have a typical customer. The cars appeal to an extremely varied and broad spectrum of society, probably the widest spectrum in relation to need, want and diversity of any other manufacturer. From the multi millionaire to the off road junkie and an incredible range in between. I have never had a new one, preferring or rather having to wait for the inevitable and massive initial depreciation so armed with my top end budget of £26 000, the most I have ever spent on a vehicle, burning a hole in my pocket, I met Craig.

Craig took the three of us to his desk and we had a light hearted chat about The Sport. He was open, warm, friendly and knowledgeable. He didn’t need to try and sell but he didn’t attempt to, on the contrary, he gently took control, assessed my personality very quickly and effectively turned the situation around into protector role. He quickly built up a rapport with me and encouraged me to take a test drive. He was never told the reason for my purchase at any point, I didn’t want the sympathy vote, I just wanted my Sport.
Craig has the ability to put his customer completely at ease, you feel totally comfortable in his company, he is engaging, thoughtful and efficient. Test drive over, he did an appraisal of my vehicle and went away to talk to the finance guy Steve and then came back with a part-ex offer. I’m not sure whether I should tell you this but I was pleasantly surprised by the trade price but Craig said he would push Steve for another £500. I know he shouldn’t have done that but I also know that if I was any normal person, I wouldn’t take the first offer and would push for a bit more, Craig did that for me. He looked after his client and that gesture spoke volumes about him as a person.

I met Steve thereafter and he, like Craig was warm, considerate and efficient.

Deal done and arrangements made to pick ‘my’ Sport up at 15:30/16:00 Monday 30th June.

I spent approx an hour with Craig on Monday as we did the handover. I know you are fully aware that it happens but Craig had ‘found’ me some car mats out of another vehicle (it is little naughty touches like that which really do mean a lot) He went through the vehicle with me, to familiarise me with the controls without patronising and respecting that I was familiar with most but not with newer technology such as command shift and then I was off to live my dream.

Craig Adams is a credit to Range Rover Droitwich, to Listers.

His customer service, personality, appearance and genuine care are second to none. I am sure I am not the first to compliment him both on his ability as a sales man and a person and I won’t be the last . He made purchasing my dream, a pleasure and a reality

I hadn’t realised how much I had missed driving until this week. I am not at work at the moment and commence chemo therapy next week but have managed to clock up 1000 miles of pure driving pleasure, driving the best car I have ever and probably will ever !! own. It is awesome and I love it.

Thank you Listers, thank you Range Rover but above all

Thank You Craig, you are a true gentleman and an absolute star.