Ms Phillips - 30th November 2014

I have just had the real pleasure of buying my Motability car from your dealership and would like to tell you how beautifully I was looked after by your staff, (and what a contrast it was from my previous experiences).

From the moment I came into the showroom Richard treated me with real care and concern - I felt as if I were the company’s most important customer.

He was efficient, thorough and thoughtful, taking great pains to find the particular car to suit my fussy needs, and seeming to have all the time in the world to look after me.

On collection, I’ve never had such a thorough and detailed introduction to any new car before and I’m pleased to say that as a result on my first trip out I was able easily to use the telephone and cruise control (it took me a year to work out how to do that on my last car!).

He explained carefully how I could arrange the servicing, even telling me in advance the names of the service engineers who would do the work.

And this special treatment wasn’t limited to just one member of your staff. Amy took me for the test drive and was equally charming and friendly.

She always recognised me by name (and on my second visit to your showroom two members of staff were ready to sweep open the doors to greet me as I arrived! I felt so special).*

You have amazing customer service and I’m happy to report it.

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