"Listers have exceeded my expectations everytime"

AMG Performance Tour

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Just a quick thank you for hosting and inviting my wife and I to your AMG performance tour today and a special thanks to Dean who looked after us so well. What a great guy to spend a bit of time with.

Today reaffirmed that AMG ownership extends far beyond the pleasure of just having our car (which I Love) and although having only had it for seven months means that we’re not in a position of wanting to change it at the moment, it does mean that when the times comes to change any of our cars again, your dealership will be my first port of call.

Today was a great couple of hours spent with some great cars and moreover, some great people at Mercedes-Benz of Lincoln.

I have to say that everyone at your dealership at Boston have also been fantastic and Listers for me have exceeded my expectations everytime I’ve returned. Thats pretty rare in any otherwalk of life these days!

Thank you so much.

Mr S