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Mr Cowdrill, 23rd March 2015

I am a firm believer of always giving good feedback where it is due as all too often people only concentrate on providing negative feedback.

I had every intention of looking at a test drive today and having some thinking time before I contacted my finance company. During our conversation you were completely honest, professional, knowledgeable of the range and not to mention friendly. I am fully aware that working in the vehicle sales industry, targets need to be met and you should always be keen to close before someone walks out the door. Whilst I was aware you would be looking for the close on the deal, you approached it with a very friendly and courteous manner.

Although the final sale price of the vehicle was down to a discussion with Mark, I can honestly say that my decision to commit to the deal came from my experience in our discussions and your overall approach to the sale in representing Listers. All too often individuals in the vehicle trade can come across too aggressive in their approach to make a sale which is sometimes a quality that management would look for in order to meet targets but not necessarily the right approach. An individual should always walk away from a purchase believing they have been understood in their needs and had those needs met with a deal that is right for them. I can honestly say that you met those qualities today hence my decision to commit to the deal.

I thank you again for your time today.

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