A postitive experience I will describe to anyone who will listen

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Dear Mr Maynard and Mr Johnson

I have recently purchased a used A-Class Mercedes from your showroom and would like to give you some feedback with regards to this.

I have bought and sold quite a few cars in my life and have never received such courteous, thoughtful and friendly attentive service. From the first time I stepped foot into the showroom I was met with smiles that were genuine from the ladies on the front desk followed by the attentive behaviour that did not give any indication of how busy they were. This allowed me to feel relaxed and valued as a potential customer.

I was introduced to Steve Joyce who greeted me warmly and subsequently guided me through the joys and processes of buying and owning a Mercedes. I asked Steve to basically sell me the benefits of the A-Class as I had been an Audi owner for many years. He was knowledgeable, professional and patient. Steve appears to be a very perceptive sales executive; this was apparent in the way he understood the stages and experiencing for myself in the processes of buying a car. The business part of the process was dealt with again in a professional, well explained manner for which I am grateful as this for me is the part where I may feel nervous. Pete Featherstone was thorough in his explanations as was Brad Corrin but they were succinct which I appreciated and again I felt this was very productive of them.

The car was ready for me at the time arranged and is pure joy!

May I take this opportunity to thank everyone I came into contact with at Mercedes Hull. A positive experience I am only too glad to describe to anyone who will listen.

Yours sincerely Ms H