"Hannah gets a full 5 stars from me."

I have been recently dealing with Hannah. I want to pass on my thoughts on how Customer focussed she is. I have been a customer of Listers for a few years now and find your team great. Hannah really stands out. I have dealt with her on a number of occasions now, first starting out on a simple recommend a friend to my local dealership and more recently in regards to some issues with my car.

Hannah always keeps her promise of keeping me up to date and staying in contact, she will also chase me if she does not hear back (nature of my job), so she always keeps the ball rolling. Hannah has definitely retained me as a Customer from an unfortunate incident that happened on my last visit. I have NEVER come across such a helpful and efficient person in any dealer group. She is a total asset to your brand.

If you have an employee feedback system for appraisals I would definitely like this included. Hannah gets a full 5 stars from me.