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Kevin Beadle 1st July 2015

I’ve been dealing with William Holden and other members of the Solihull Honda team regarding the purchase of a used Mazda MX5. I hope to complete the purchase tomorrow.

I have 30+ years experience with the manufacturer side of the industry, and much of that time was spent liaising with dealers. I do not have a universally good impression of dealership staff!

However, I have to say that, so far, William and others I have come into contact with have been extremely friendly, helpful and professional (as well as patient with my needs). I think I have a good ‘radar’ for a business which is working, and I have gained the strong impression that the staff at this dealership genuinely operate as a team, helping each other on days off etc. I have already told the sales Manager that I’m impressed. All this for a relatively low value sale.

I note that Listers have recently taken on the Pendragon JLR businesses locally. These are brands I have a long history with and I hope similarly high standards can be brought to those businesses in future.

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