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Mr Richards - 18th September 2015

Robert Drake ESQ

This missive is no more than to place on record all that I recently made known to you personally in respect to the outstanding professionalism of the above-named individual. His easy-going charm immediately put both Adele and myself at ease and his knowledge of the product was excellent while any query with which he was was not fully cognisant, within seconds he came back with the “full picture”. The test-drive route gave a perfect opportunity to get a “feel” of the vehicle under different road conditions and we were never pressured to “return to base”.

All the above are pre-requisites which combine to make the whole buying experience both pleasant and enjoyable and, critically, not only realise a sale but also engender in the customer a wish to repeat the experience on any future purchases. In respect to the latter point you have already been made aware that it is my intention to make my next purchase (the car purchased, as you are aware, was for my Partner, Adele) through your dealership and given that I live some 200 miles away on the South Coast, surely speaks volumes as confirmation of all the above.

May I also place on record Martin Scarbro’s professional and efficient explanation of the “Guaranteed Asset Protection” and the “Listers SMART Repair Policy”. Both made very clear and good to be afforded the time to give full consideration thereto.

Thank you, too, Peter for the advance information on the RCF coupe - looking forward to the test drive …

We look forward to collecting Adele’s car, or having it delivered, as soon as feasible.

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