I can't call it exceptional customer service, I'm not a customer!

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Dear Mr Tompkins,

I’m writing you to bring to your attention the amazing service that I received from your team, led by Andy Best, last night when I was in need of help. Around 5pm I was driving with my 8 month old daughter in the pouring rain when my windshield wipers broke - 1 wiper actually snapped off. As it was very dangerous driving without wipers, I pulled over to the first place I thought may be able to help, which was Listers Audi. I asked if they were able to fit wipers to an Astra. The answer was ‘No, you’ll need to go to Halfords for the right wipers, but we’ll drive you there and fit it for you when you come back.’ I was so relieved and surprised that your staff would go out of their way to help me, when I wasn’t myself an Audi customer. I said to Mr Best, ‘I should tell you that my husband owns an Audi’. His response was, ‘It wouldn’t matter, I wouldn’t let you leave here in an unsafe vehicle’.

I wanted you to know how much I appreciated this help. I can’t even call it exceptional customer service as I’m not a customer; it went beyond that. When I told my husband, who is currently posted away as he is employed by the Royal Navy, he was so relieved to hear that I was treated with such care.

Please extend my sincerest thank you to Andy Best and his team.