Hope you are well and the move has gone smoothly.

I just wanted to reiterate how impressed I have been with your service and customer care. I feel you have gone above and beyond what most car dealerships would do and have definitely added that personal touch, which has not gone unnoticed.

I have been to many Land Rover garages and have had the most appalling experiences. Not what you would expect when dealing with such a high class brand like Land Rover. Although, whether it’s a luxury, premium or an affordable brand, the customer cares should always be amazing. This is what makes a business successful. I can honestly say you deliver this.

My first point of contact was with Alice in Service- you are very lucky to have such a great employee. She is polite, friendly and always ensured I was kept up to date with news on my car. My frustrations with Stourbridge Land Rover was I went 2 weeks waiting for someone to call me back. Which is unacceptable.

She has a wonderful telephone manner and just provided me with so much confidence in yourselves and the business you carry out.

I know my car is not brand new, or we are probably not one of the bigger spenders you have but I love my car and I love Range Rovers. I was actually considering moving away from Land Rover due to the difficulties I always faced but you have restored my faith!

We have decided to stick with my Vogue for a year or so at the moment until the children are that bit older to actually look after a new car. At that time we will definitely be coming to see what you have to offer! I will of course still use you for my services and MOT’s.

I have already recommended you to a couple of parents at school.

I hope your move is a successful one and I wish you the best of luck.

Kind regards

Sharon Nandra